Cold Call Appointment Setting India & USA

We are masters at cold calling services—and we actually love it! That makes us a rare breed. Our cold calling appointment setting team has an unmatched ability to get in touch with anyone. We pique the interest of decision makers with a custom sales pitch that is to-the-point. And we pitch to some of the largest companies on the planet with great success. We would love to do B2B appointment setting for you be your best choice when it comes to lead generation appointment setting in India and USA.

We are relentless on the phone, and our conversations drive introductory meetings for our clients. Our goal is to create a unified approach to filter leads into your sales pipeline. We define disqualification criteria early on so that we only set appointments with the right prospects for your product or service.

We do the b2b appointment setting services India & USA to fill your pipeline so you focus on closing.

Our cold calling team works as an extension of your team. But with us, you don’t need to train, manage, or maintain an inside sales team. When you outsource inside sales, that means fewer distractions placed on your sales management team, as hiring is a 30-90 day process followed by months of onboarding that isn’t guaranteed to pay off.

Your internal sales efforts will be supported without the extra stress or overhead. Read what our customers have to say.

Outsourcing your inside sales gives you:

  • Access to thoroughly vetted and trained professionals
  • Immediate onboarding – quick generation of qualified opportunities
  • No turnover – we are lifetime cold-calling soccer moms
  • Significant reduction in overall hiring and training costs
  • Ability to refocus your attention toward your core competencies, product/service quality, and customer retention
  • Technology stack/Inside Sales Infrastructure is already in place


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