Top 5 Facebook Ad Lead Generation Strategies for Real Estate

Real Estate Lead Generation

Did you know? Facebook ads can be one of the most effective tools in your real estate lead generation tool set. Wondering how? These are the top 5 most effective strategies we’ve discovered, and we’d like to share them with you!


Target Real Estate Investors

You can easily target those who list “Real Estate Investing” in their Facebook interest to see your ads. They’re already interested in spending money on Real Estate – the only thing left for you is to create a great ad, so that they’re spending money with you.


Target People Visiting Real Estate Sites

If someone is visiting a Real Estate site like Magicbricks, 99Acres, Zillow & then they’re looking to buy a house, and they’re in your target market. Target your ads towards an audience in your preferred zip code, and add these sites to the interests of your target market, and you’ll get leads in no time.


Use Testimonial Ads

Testimonials are a powerful thing! People are more likely to make a large, important purchase if they know someone else has had a successful experience before them. Ask your past customers to write a testimonial for you, and use it as your ad!


Access The Power of Video

 Video ads are one of the most effective types of advertisement out there! Take advantage of it with some high-quality video’s of your Properties and your contact information.


Use Seasonal Ads

Don’t just throw together an ad campaign without considering it! Instead, design your ads around holidays and seasons of the year, in order to attract more leads. Barbecues in summer, warm scarves in fall, and winter holiday ads can all attract leads much more efficiently than generic ones.

These are a few of our favorite methods of using Facebook ads for real estate leads.

Do you use Facebook ads in your business? Have any Questions about how they work? Let us know and we’ll see if we can help you in the comments below!

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