Sales Technology

Servicing technology vendors internationally, we love tech ourselves. We rely on a wide variety of sales tools, and we’re always experimenting with new software to see if we can achieve better results.

We’ve mastered bleeding-edge tools that include:

  • Dialing software,
  • Proprietary research methodologies,
  • Customized CRM systems,
  • Content management software, and more.

The best part about our tool set is that we’ve streamlined it, so you don’t have to. Our clients receive the benefit of our sales technology without having to learn the software themselves.

Digital Jockey also works with client tools, even if they’re not part of the usual Digital Jockey tool stack. We embrace flexibility. We are open to whatever sales technology enables our team to set more meetings, clean more data, have more successful cold calls, and better integrate with our clients’ sales team.

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