Lead Research & Data Cleansing

Great data is the foundation for marketing success, whether its cleaning up existing lead data, or researching to find new contacts or leads.

We don’t take data quality for granted—ever. It’s an integral part of the lead generation process. Lists get stale quickly. Quality leads move from position to position. Whether it’s a title change, company change, or email change (or all three!), you need clean data to make successful sales. That’s precisely why Digital Jockey doesn’t just employ awesome cold callers. We have a team of research ninjas that work to append data through data scrubbing and a thorough investigation.

Data cleansing is a vital part of what we do at Digital Jockey, and it sets us apart from cold calling centers that take a list and simply dial like wild monkeys. We care about getting the most out of available data and delivering results. That’s why research is such an important part of our sales process. We augment existing prospect data supplied by our clients using a variety of software and methodologies, ensuring titles, phone numbers, company, and other vital fields are up-to-date.

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