Inbound Lead Follow-up

Digital Jockey’s team follows up on inbound leads generated by your marketing team. Sometimes, calling on inbound leads can be a little creepy when not done properly. Our cold calling team is transparent with these leads, and doesn’t assume their interests based on their online activity. Instead, that lead’s choice to download an online asset is treated as a gateway to a conversation. Our cold callers can use the leads’ familiarity with your product to their advantage.

For clients working with Digital Jockey’s digital marketing agency, we put a system in place so that our cold calling team is reaching out to those leads generated by our marketing initiatives. Our clients don’t need to worry about how to pull lead lists or whether or not these leads are being called on.

Lead follow-up is a challenge for most organizations. Too often when a lead comes in, the marketing department passes it off to sales without first checking to see if it’s a viable lead. If the sales team has to then disqualify over half of these inbound leads, it reflects poorly on the oftentimes challenging marketing/sales relationship.

We’ve mastered the art of lead follow-up. To us, it’s a six step program:

  1. Find higher quality leads
  2. Scrub inbound leads as they come in, DQing unfit prospects
  3. Augment the lead information, including additional phone numbers
  4. Verify phone number(s)
  5. Call until a conversation is held
  6. Maximize yield using our closed-loop process

Closing the Loop

The closed-loop lead management process ensures that the number of leads your team needs to generate each week is equal tothe number of leads that are exiting the program. In our program, we call until we speak to the lead, at which time they either agree to a meeting, give an internal referral, or confirms their company just isn’t a fit for your products. This means you’re getting consistent, high quality leads dropped into your sales funnel.


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