How and with what tools you can use to work from Home?

As we write, the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19)

is already out there spreading its roots over 198 countries, going by the latest count. The worst affected are stock markets and businesses across the globe, forcing immediate lockdowns in most of their offices, with work from home being the only option.

Considering the work from home culture hasn’t been a prevalent culture before, the biggest challenge for employees is to get accustomed to remote work from their homes while maintaining business continuity. This guide is just to answer the challenge.

15 Tools to use for work from home

The key to a successful work from home strategy implementation is effective communication, live information sharing, and task management. And every task gets just better with the right tool to implement it.


Communication is pivotal to an efficient team functioning where everyone contributes their thoughts without any hurdles, just like in the regular office. Some of the best communication tools for official work are:


Slack is one of the most widely used communication management tools suitable for work from home. In Slack, you can create team channels exclusive to each department, and send direct messages and make calls too. Sharing files, bookmarking messages, sharing your screen only gets more efficient, quick, and user- friendly with Slack.

Microsoft Teams

Another great tool to host meetings, chats, and calls is Teams provided by Microsoft. If your organization is already using outlook, Teams can be the best choice to get connected in minutes. All you need is to share the Teams meeting link with your remote members and a laptop. You can update your status as available or out for lunch break over the app. Microsoft Teams can be used both on the web and by downloading their app.


Another top-rated app widely used for video conferencing is Zoom. Zoom combines all the important features like screen sharing, file sharing, local recording, and sending messages. Setting up a zoom meeting is just a few clicks away, and you can either download the app on your smartphone or your laptop. Sharing thoughts over the digital whiteboards and sharing screens gets real simple on the tool.
Task Management
While at home, we might tend to get a bit off our regular work culture, but in any case, a compromise on task management and important deadlines could affect the business continuity. If your team isn’t in a single location, it can be difficult to assign and follow up on tasks.


A powerful project management tool that helps all teams to keep track and manage all the individual tasks and deadlines. The friendly UI and automation capabilities only add to a power-packed enriching experience. You can also integrate many other business tools with Monday to make task management simpler!


It is the latest Kanban based card model of task management that allows you to onboard your complete team to create and assign tasks, while keeping the entire dashboard private to your organization. The drag and drop features make task management collaborative and straightforward. Trello boards make task progress information viewing and sharing much simpler and better in comparison to emails, and memos.

Here is an intensive list of the other popular tools to use for work from home:
● Skype for Business (Communication)
● Front (Sharing Information)
● Zapier (Sharing Information)
● Intercom (Task Management)
● Klaus (Productivity and reporting)
● Avoma (Productivity and reporting)
● Github (For developers)
● Google Drive (For files sharing)
● Dropbox (For files sharing)
● Teamwork (Time Management Tool)
● (Time Converter Tool)
● WooBoard (Employee Social Engagement)

Tips and best practices when working from home

● Keep your employees engaged with their tasks during regular workdays at the office. Motivate them regularly to share progress reports and demos. Make them feel responsible for their task deadlines.
● Build a work from home culture. Make your days working from home feel like just another normal day. Wake up on your regular time as on weekdays, brush up, bathe up, have breakfast, and then engage with your laptop for the day’s work.
● Stay connected. Communication is essential while working from home. Getting stuck on your task and avoiding to ask your manager only because he’s not physically around shall only end in you missing deadlines. Interact frequently with your seniors and juniors for a progress report.


With all these handly tools and best practices, you can have the best experience working from your homes while being connected with your office culture. Put your time to best value and whenever you feel you are running short on efficiency, focus on the fact that it is Work From Home, and not Work For Home…

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