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Digital Jockey is a lead generation company servicing technology clients around the world. Our specialties are SaaS, Big Data, Cloud, data storage, containerization, IoT, information security, networking, and open source products. Early to mid-stage technology companies in dire need of lead generation services choose Digital Jockey because of our familiarity with the subject, our passion for testing new tools, and our focus on results. We don’t just serve SaaS companies, we’re software-obsessed. Digital Jockey isn’t afraid to explore new possibilities so our clients get the best possible results—even if it means we alter the way we work.

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We’re enthusiastic about growing our clients’ pipeline, whether they’re a first-year startup or a seasoned corporation. If you’re looking to work with a team who can aggressively expand your pipeline, achieve omni-channel digital marketing efforts, and create optimal content, Digital Jockey is the best fit for your business.

Digital Jockey has helped numerous B2B technology clients be successful by introducing the right tool stack and workflow to their organization. Read on to see how we achieve this through the services we offer.

Tech clients break down into big data, security, cloud and many more.

Cold Calling Services

Digital Jockey has experience determining disqualifications for technology companies early, so we don’t waste time with prospects that won’t bite. We determine what platform our clients’ customers are using, what stage they are at, and what their titles are. All of this is done in collaboration with our clients. We’ve perfected the pitch, piquing the interest of decision-makers at some of the largest companies on the planet.

Our cold calling prowess has resulted in multiple clients getting purchased by large companies, with Digital Jockey’s cold callers setting the initial meeting that led to the acquisition. Whatever our clients’ end goals are, we work hard to obtain that end.

Relentless on the phone, our cold callers are our clients’ external product experts. They focus on filling the pipeline, so our clients are free to focus on closing deals. Digital Jockey can help B2B clients at all stages, with or without its own inside sales team. Our goal is to complement the resources you have in place.

Digital Marketing Services

Our marketing team makes recommendations based on what is best for our clients, creating a tailored program depending on their product offering and buyer personas. We’re able to develop and implement a wide range of digital marketing programs. Some technology companies are ready to launch paid advertising campaigns such as Google AdWords, while a SaaS startup might need brand awareness in the form of blogging and a social media presence. Other services we offer include email marketing, paid social campaigns, and gated content creation.

We have experience developing vertical- and solution-based email nurtures, content generation, paid ad campaigns, managing third party content syndication, and generating buzz around new software through organic social media efforts. The Digital Jockey marketing team also assists with tradeshow events. We write copy and design collateral for events as well as contribute to digital efforts for contests or meetups (both before and after the show). Goals change rapidly in technology, and our diverse skill set allows our clients to modify existing campaigns or add new endeavors without major overhauls of currently programs.

The technology we’re promoting (and the technology we’re using!) is constantly evolving. We acknowledge that every step of the way and adjust our efforts accordingly. Our plans are adaptable, changing as the business needs of our clients evolve.

Digital Jockey employs a large range of SaaS tools with flexibility in mind, such as website platforms, A/B web testing tools, and marketing automation platforms.